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About Us

Welcome to Bawsslady llc

Achieving your weight loss goals can sometimes be a challenge…but, you are a strong woman…fully in control of your life…and there is nothing that you can’t achieve!! Especially with a little help and support from the BawssLady! Our full line of weight loss and immune boosting supplements, will help you: boost metabolism...burn fat...detoxify and enhance energy for your body!!Reaching health and weight loss goals isn’t a fantasy—it’s your future. Lose weight, improve your mood, energy, and mental sharpness with our fantastic line of BawssLady supplements!

Obtaining your weight loss goals, is more than a business transaction for us. We have been on the weight loss rollercoaster; trying diet after diet, and we know the ups and downs. BawssLady products were specifically designed to help us and our loved ones better our health. We are honored to share them with you as you take the necessary steps to a better you.